Your Top 5 Marketing Mistakes

May 29, 2013 at 4:47 pm

By Helen Jones 

As I work with more and more small businesses to review their current marketing activities some common errors keep cropping up time after time. These very often undermine their marketing investment and leave them wondering why their efforts aren’t bringing more results.

1. Communicate benefits not features
Your customers want to know how your product can help them, what problem it can solve and how it will improve their situation. So make sure you focus on these benefits from their perspective, not the features of your product.

2. Neglecting to set specific goals for marketing tactics
Every time you spend from your marketing budget you must set goals so you can measure what is achieved and therefore what is working for your business. For example think about how many leads you expect as a result of a new advert or how many inquiries you want to convert to sales in response to your latest email campaign? OK it may not always be possible to fully measure but you need some way to distinguish between the more and less successful activities.

3. Not being clear on your target market
Your marketing will bring in more business if you target a specific part of the market. Work out which is your main customer type – who accounts for most of your sales and target your marketing activities at them. It’s much easier and cheaper to direct your marketing at a specific customer type rather than use a scattergun approach across the whole market.

4. Failing to measure the impact of marketing activities
If you don’t assess what results your marketing brings how do you know if you are spending in the right areas? It’s difficult because some activities are easier to measure that others and you have to implement different activities separately so the impact can be assessed but it’s important to track the source of leads and sales.

5. Making your customers feel valued
Happy customers can be one of your most powerful marketing tools and so many businesses forget this. It’s very easy to lose sight of your customer at the metaphorical shop door, so think of ways you can keep in touch – a follow up call a few days after purchase to ensure all is ok, or a feedback request on their buying experience works wonders for their own satisfaction and word of mouth referrals.

If you need help in avoiding these mistakes in your business contact me for a free marketing goals review.

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