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July 18, 2012 at 10:53 am

A specialist service to gather structured and actionable customer feedback

Knowing the views and opinions of your customers is a critical part to your marketing programme – it gives you the feedback you need to grow your business and retain your customers, it allows you to stay connected with them and to reconnect with lapsed customers and it also enables you to create compelling case studies and testimonials.


  • You get the feedback you need to grow your business and retain your customers
  • It enables you to reconnect with lapsed customers
  • It creates leads for follow on sales and referrals
  • You get a better understanding of your clients buying decisions
  • It allows you to stay connected with clients
  • You show you value and care about your customers’ opinions
  • It enables you to create compelling case studies and testimonials
  • Actively seeking feedback will differentiate you from many of your competitors
  • It enables you to identify and act on any problem areas

The Benefits

Collecting regular customer feedback tells you what you are getting right and wrong in your business and gives you the information to support change. It will help you stand out from your competitors and your customers will value the opportunity to give feedback as well as your investment in this process.

Communicating your customers’ experiences and opinions about your product or service is one of your strongest sales tools, but many businesses fail to gather this information and then neglect to keep the information up to date to maximise its impact.

Implementing a regular customer feedback programme with us is an efficient and cost effective way to ensure you get the necessary feedback from customers to improve your business and the right information to continually move your business forward.

  • Choose between telephone and online interviews
  • Interview any number of participants
  • Utilise structured surveys formulated by us with your input

The service

We develop a structured survey using best practice in market research techniques together with your input, fully tailored to your industry sector. Experience shows that customers respond better to shorter feedback surveys with a maximum of 10 questions which enables the quality of their feedback to be maintained.

Our end-to-end service covers:

  • Create customer survey
  • Introduce the feedback project to research targets
  • Set up interviews – full liaison with targets
  • Conduct interviews
  • Report findings fully back to client

We can also compile interviews into a report and analyse and compare data as an additional service.

Service Pricing

Our package prices are to carry out a customer feedback programme including all the elements above:

Telephone package:
Telephone interviews with ten participants, using a questionnaire with up to 10 questions £399

Online package:
Online survey with ten participants, using a questionnaire with up to 10 questions

Additional interviews:
Package of 5 – £150

Different survey options and sizes can be created according to type of feedback programme, fully tailored to your requirements.

How it Works

Clients provide us with the contact details for their target customers and we will take it from there. We will liaise with you and agree the questionnaire design. Clients can contact their customers first to introduce the programme or if you prefer we can do this for you.

Each package above will cover up to 10 completed interviews. Interviews typically take between 15 and 20 minutes. Clients should provide contact details for 12 customers. If a customer declines to take part in the interview we will attempt to contact up to two additional customers to endeavour to complete the full number of surveys.

For more details please contact us on
+351 282 760 548 | |
skype ‘pelicanbusiness’.

We can work with businesses in any location.

“Engaging Helen to manage our telemarketing program has brought tremendous growth to the company. I would definitely recommend Pelican’s service – they are vital for my business and I would not think of running my business without her support.”

Comments from Fiona Aileru, Director of the Kip McGrath Education Centre in East Ham. We conduct feedback interviews with parents whose children attend tuition programmes at the Centre.

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