What happened to service with a smile?

October 28, 2011 at 4:08 pm

I have just had the importance of service with a smile rammed down my throat after a delightful (read between the lines here) experience at a local UK run hair salon. They should know better!

Now us girls go to the hair salon for more than just the cut or colour – we go for the whole experience of being pampered, being the centre of attention in warm and comfortable surroundings where we are allowed to think about such important issues as hair, nails, fashion and read the gossip mags all in an atmosphere focussed on making you, the client feel better about oneself.

My experience today was so surreal I just had to write about it – I truly felt as if I was invisible. I got a really great hair cut which I am very pleased with and I don’t mind paying what I did for it. But boy was it lacking in the experience part.

No warm welcome, not one question to me other than how I wanted it cut, no chit chat, zero eye contact and certainly no smiles – well there was one about three quarters of the way through.

My stylist did talk over my head to the other stylist and to the other customer but no remark or question came my way. And I thought hairdressers were trained in the art of small talk? I always look forward to getting my hair done – it’s a treat and an indulgent couple of hours to focus on yourself but I was out in 45 minutes flat this time. Safe to say I won’t be paying another visit.

If you would like some ideas about how to give better customer service read this article. A smile costs nothing!

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