Motivating your employees to give outstanding customer service

August 6, 2011 at 10:11 am

By Sylvain Deslongchamps, Sage

Did you know that exceptional customer service will provide the following benefits to your business?

  • Increase revenue and profits through referrals and repeat business
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction

So how do you motivate your employees to deliver exceptional customer service?

Here are a few steps:

Communication – Keep your employees up-to-date at all times; ensure you communicate with your employees on new products, services, any communication to clients etc… so they can answer any potential questions from clients.

Training – Provide customer service training to your employees.  Ensure all employees are consistent and provide the same image of your organization to the customer.

Monitor/Coaching – Listen to calls and face to face interactions and coach your employees on delivering top notch service.  Ensure you walk the talk by providing exceptional service yourself as a business owner.

Incent – Encourage and reward your employees when exceptional service is noticed.  Clients often share their best customer service experience so it is critical to your success that you ensure your customer service heroes are appreciated and recognized.  It does not have to be big – a low denomination gift certificate does the job.

Support – Ensure your company’s policies and processes support your employees to provide outstanding service.  Give your employees the empowerment necessary to make decisions and break the rules when appropriate.

Happy employees equal happy customers.  Follow these steps and you will notice an immediate change in your employee’s motivation level.  Have fun delighting your employees and customers.

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What are you doing about your happy clients? What happened to service with a smile?

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